About the NZ Open Source Awards

Free and open source technology is changing the way people and organisations collaborate and innovate to achieve common goals.

Through sharing success stories, the awards aim to raise awareness about the competitive edge that free and open source software allows for. Using these real life New Zealand examples resonates with the awards audience. This leaves them feeling empowered to explore and expand their knowledge of free and open source solutions, for their business or organisation.

With 7 categories for the awards, nominations come in from all streams throughout the country - be it the open source community, government or the private sector, each of these nominations are presented and evaluated by a panel of judges. Join us and celebrate the vibrancy of free and open source software.

NZOSA 2018 Judges 

The 2018 judging panel is currently being confirmed.


History of the awards

The New Zealand Open Source Awards were first held in 2007, then 2008 and biennially since then.  The most recent in October 2016.

The roll call of previous winners, and the nominations that they were drawn from, is an impressive testament to New Zealand's contributions to the global open source movement. As those contributions continue, the New Zealand Open Source Awards recognise that achievement and celebrate it with the people that make it happen.


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