2016 NZOSA - Categories

2016 NZOSA - Categories

The New Zealand Open Source Awards have, since 2007, provided a platform for the contributors to free and open source software to be recognised for their efforts by their community.

The awards recognise those within the free and open source community, and also create awareness around free and open source software and are a chance for others to learn about the people and philosophy behind it.

These awards allow success stories to be shared. These successes are based on real achievements by people and organisations based in New Zealand who are making a difference to our country.

Every two years, the awards focus on New Zealanders and highlight to the open source community what Kiwis are achieving. The category finalists are invited to a gala dinner with their peers to join in a night of celebration and festivities.

The seven categories are as follows:

For the outstanding use of free and open source in the private or public sector in New Zealand, nominate someone deserving for the Open Source Use in Business award or the Open Source Use in Government.

The next in the line up is, Open Source Software Project award – this award is focused around a specific project as opposed to to a business as a whole. The actual contributors to open source are inherently important to the community and the Open Source Contributor award can go to an individual or an organisation who has made an outstanding contribution to one or a number of open source projects.

The following three awards are sector specific and are awarded separately for use in Open Source in Education, Social Services and Youth award, followed by Open Source use in Science award and Open Source use in the Arts award.

The additional award is the Peoples Choice Award, which is awarded to someone who the New Zealand free and open source community at large feels is worthy of public acknowledgement. It will be opened for voting once the other awards have been finalised.


Sponsorships supporting the awards are still available. If you or your organisation would like to recognise the achievement of Kiwi open source people and projects, please contact sponsors@nzosa.org.nz

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